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Rion, who are amongst the two largest manufacturers of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation in the world, were established in 1944 to develop commercial products based on the research carried out at the Kobayasi Institue of Physical Research in Tokyo, Japan. Rion still maintain strong links with the Kobayasi Institute which is now a leading centre for acoustic and vibration research. Rion instruments, including the microphones, are designed and manufactured to the highest standards by Rion in Japan and uniquely combine cutting edge technology with reliability and ease of use. In addition to sound and vibration instrumentation, Rion also design and manufacture precision medical instruments and hearing aids.

ANV Measurement Systems have distributed Rion Sound and Vibration instrumentation in the UK since 2000. Rion instruments are now widely used in the UK by consultants, environmental health officers, housing associations, construction contractors, demolition contractors and general industry. ANV Measurement Systems have become Europeís largest Rion Distributor.

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"ANV Measurements Systems to continue to impress myself and my company with the high levels of customer service we receive. They are at the forefront of environmental monitoring solutions and continue to provide quality products at a competitive price!" Carl Clarke. Site Engineering Surveys Limited. || "We have always received top quality service and support from ANV and as a result you are our first port of call to assist with meeting our equipment needs on any project. The quality of the equipment, the customer support and technical backup is first class." : Michael Van Der Merwe. Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd. || "We have worked with ANV for several years for both sales and hire, and found them great to work with, friendly and flexible. They strive to fulfil any last-minute hire requests and are always on hand for technical support/advice. I wouldnít hesitate in recommending ANV to others." Alan Moore. Arcus. || "This is by far the easiest and most intuitive sound level meter I have used for building acoustics measurements, especially for Pre-Completion Testing." Phil Dunbavin. PDA Acoustics. || "Reliable equipment and great customer service. I have always dealt with Andy and or Ben. Both have been very professional and provided a great service and advice". Neil Dodds. Blue Sky Acoustics.

Real-Time Web-Based Monitoring for Noise Professionals.
Live Leq is based upon the Rion NL-52 and WS-15 outdoor microphone outdoor protection so IEC 61672: Class 1 performance is assured
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Real-Time Web-Based Monitoring for Noise Professionals

NNR-03 Nuisance Recorder.
New Lower Price for the NNR-03 Nuisance Recorder - Now You can have the Best for Less
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Real-Time Web-Based Monitoring for Noise Professionals

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NNR-03 Noise Nuisance Recorder

The NNR-03 Noise Nuisance Recorder provides a quick, easy and cost-effective means of establishing whether a complainant has a credible complaint.
Live Leq Web-Based Real Time Monitoring for Noise Professionals

Live Leq provides the means of seeing live data from the instrument and controlling it via a user-friendly web interface which is user configurable