Rion VM-54 Triaxial Vibration Meter

The VM-54 is an easy to use tri-axial vibration meter specifically designed for environmental and occupational vibration. It’s small, light and portable but incorporates two displays so you can really see what’s going on while you’re doing the measurements. The VM-54 takes the guesswork and post-processing headache out of occupational and environmental vibration measurements. On-board processing (added to the VM-54 using program cards) calculates VDVs for environmental vibration or the vector sum weighted sum for hand arm vibration for instance. You can rely upon the VM-54’s accuracy and reliability.

The instrument stores the data as comma separated text files on a compact flash card so you can open the data straight into a spreadsheet program. And there’s good news if you’ve already got accelerometers, the VM-54 is ‘open-architecture’ and can be used with a wide range of accelerometers (including line drive) from Rion and other manufacturers.