VX-54WB1 Ground Vibration Accessories

The mounting of transducers can significantly affect groundborne vibration measurements. DIN Standard 45669-2:2005 contains the specifications for a plate suitable for mounting sensors on floors and other hard surfaces. The ANV Measurement Systems DIN Plate provides a means of mounting the Rion PV-83CW triaxial groundborne vibration sensor in accordance with DIN 45669-2:2005 for measurements on hard surfaces. The DIN Plate can also be used with an optional attachment for mounting three single axis accelerometers (such as Rion PV-87s for maximum sensitivity across an extended frequency range) for measurements on hard surfaces.

  • Designed to be in accordance with DIN 45669-2:2005
  • Approximate mass 2.5kg with transducers
  • Countersunk sockets for flush mounting of Rion PV-83CW directly to plate
  • Domed feet for hard surfaces
  • Spiked feet for carpets and other soft floor coverings
  • Stainless steel main plate
  • Stainless steel feet
  • Supplied in protective case
  • Bolts and allen key for fixing PV-83CW supplied
  • Spanner for tightening feet supplied
  • Option: Aluminium Cube mounting for 3 x single axis accelerometers (M6) which attaches to circular DIN plate via M6 stud (supplied with option)