Rion VM-83 Vibration Meter

The VM-83 can be used with a very wide range of piezo electric and servo accelerometers. With a suitable servo accelerometer (such as the Rion LS-10) the VM-83 can be used to measure very low (0.1 1 Hz) frequency vibration levels. The VM-83 is very accurate and has very low levels of internal noise and the clear full information display makes it an excellent choice for a laboratory instrument or for precision or low level vibration measurements.

  • Clear full information display displays the measurement result and instrument settings
  • Very simple and quick operation
  • Frequency range 1 20 000 Hz with suitable charge accelerometer
  • Frequency range 0.1 Hz 100 Hz with suitable servo accelerometer (e.g. Rion LS-10)
  • Accelerometer sensitivity range 0.03 99.9 pC/ms-2
  • CCLD Accelerometers also supported
  • Low noise floor (e.g. 0.0005 ms-2 with Rion PV-87)
  • Up to 20 hours operation on Alkaline C-cells
  • Selectable High Pass and Low Pass Filters
  • Bar graph linear display giving an analogue view of the 100 ms sampled value
  • 4 digit numeric display showing arithmetic average of 20 instantaneous (i.e. 100 ms) samples updated every 2 seconds
  • Both d.c and a.c. signal outputs
  • Serial interface for instrument control and data transfer