Graphing Macro for the Rion NX-28FT FFT Analysis Program

NX-28FT Graphing Macro graphs the 8000 line FFT spectra from the NX-28FT narrow band analysis option data files. Data is imported into Excel™ either via the NA-28's memory card or via the USB port. The whole process from instrument to Excel™ chart takes a few seconds and because it's in Excel™ you can easily format or process the data in the manner that suits your application best.

The Macro is supplied free of charge to NX-28FT users and provides a quick and easy way of formatting FFT data from the NA-28.

  • Graphs produced within seconds from NX-28FT data
  • Select whether to view only instantaneous, linear averaged or Lmax data (linear average or maximum can be graphed simultaneously with the instantaneous data)
  • Open access to visual basic enables modification of the of the macro to meet user-specific requirements

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