NL-52 Based Long-Term Noise Monitors

NL-52 based long-term monitors offer cost-effective and upgradeable Class 1 noise data logging. Available as Standard or Enhanced long-term monitor format you can expect at least 10 days data logging if you deploy it with one of the two supplied gel-cell batteries or at least 20 days when you use them both.

The NL-52 (+ NX-42EX logging option) enables simultaneous measurement and logging of the standard broad-band noise indices (LAeq, LAmax and statistical indices etc) and unprocessed short samples (100 msec, 200 msec or 1 second) allowing you to zoom in and look at the time profile of specific events.

The data is stored as comma-delimited text files onto an SD™ card so you can always get the data into a spreadsheet without recourse to bespoke software or download leads.

The next best thing to a long-term attended survey is a long-term unattended noise survey with audio recording. This enables you to measure the noise levels over an extended period of time cost-effectively and to know what gave rise to the measured noise levels. The superb quality, calibrated wav files from the NX-42WR audio recording option for the NL-52 can also be used for post-processing for further reanalysis. The NX-42WR offers three types of unattended audio sampling: Total (records the whole measurement period split into 1 minute, 10 minute or 1 hour wav files), Level-Triggered (records everything above user-specified levels - 4 different trigger levels can be set within a 24 hour period) and Interval recording (records a 15 second or 1 minute sample every 10 minutes or 1 hour).

The audio is stored at standard wav files so it can be replayed with any media player.

You can therefore import the data directly into a spreadsheet and play back the audio with any media player, however, it is recommended that you check out the Rion AS-60 Data Management Software. You simply drag and drop folders containing NL-52/42/32/22/31/21 data (and audio when present) into AS-60 and you can then review, synchronise and analyse up to 8 datasets simultaneously and export them to ExcelTM or generate graphs, weekly or daily reports directly from the software.

Octave/third octave logging can be added with the addition of NX-42RT option which will be available in early 2012.

  • Rion NL-52 Sound Level Meter
  • Rion WS-15 Outdoor Microphone Protection
  • Weather Resistant and Lockable Case for Sound Level Meter
  • Gel-Cell Batteries & Charger Providing 10 days’ Continuous Use if 1 Battery Used and 20 days if both batteries used - additional batteries can optionally be added for longer battery life
  • Microphone Extension Cable (2m, 5m, 10m lengths available off the shelf and 30m, 50m and 100m lengths can be ordered)
  • Mains and solar powered options available
  • Measures and logs Leq, Lmin, Lmax, SEL + 5 selectable Lns (including one selectable to 0.1%) – measurement periods selectable from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Simultaneously logs 100ms, 200ms or 1 second data for detailed review of events or reanalysis
  • Stored data saved as text files onto SD™ Cards which can be read directly by spreadsheet programs
  • Computer access to the data is not limited by dongled or bespoke software
  • Uncompressed Audio recording option available
  • Excellent data management software available
  • Octave/third octave logging available early 2012