Rion VE-10 Vibration Calibrator

The VE-10 is great for checking the calibration of a measurement chain. The typical scenario is that you have input the accelerometer sensitivity into the system and you’re pretty certain that what you’re reading is correct but there’s no substitute for checking the system calibration by applying a known vibration level at a specific frequency.

This clever, small and portable (600g) device incorporates a feedback system than ensures that the effective mass of the transducer is taken into account and that the vibration level is within the tight tolerances of the instrument’s specifications.

  • Acceleration 10 ms-2 (rms) ± 3% (10° - 40°)
  • Velocity 10 mms-1 (rms) ± 4% (10° - 40°)
  • Displacement 10 µm (rms) ± 5% (10° - 40°)
  • Frequency 159.2 Hz ± 1% (-10° - 55°)
  • Maximum load (effective mass of transducer) 70g
  • Overload Protection (automatically stops if > 100g load applied)
  • Auto-stop (after 1 minute) or continuous operation
  • Battery life at least 10 hours for continuous operation or at least 600 auto stop operations