Met One ES-642 Nephelometer

Met One are a major world-wide supplier of air quality and particulate sensors. The ES-642 is their latest lazer scattering technoology particulate sensor.

The ES-642 Remote Dust Monitor is an industrial air-quality sensor designed to provide accurate measurements of particle concentration in both indoor and outdoor environments. The unit is supplied in a rugged weatherproof enclosure. It includes an LCD display to provide information about particulate concentration, flow rate, instrument status and power. The electronics and optical system are protected from moisture by a built in intake heater that is humidity level controlled. The heater power is regulated to maintain a minimum humidity level. Additional features include a purge air system and an automatic zero calibration routine.

Key features of the ES-642 include:-

  • MCERTS compliant for PM10 and PM2.5
  • Uses sharp-cut fulters to measure particlate concentrations directly
  • Site proven, lightweight and easily mounted weatherproof enclosure
  • Lazer light scattering technology
  • Smart Heater Inlet - no corrections required to measured concentrations due to burning off of volatile compounds
  • A sheath air system isolates the aerosol in the chamber to keep the optics clean for long term reliability and low maintenance
  • Easily removable and low cost filters and pumps for easy on-site maintenance