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Sound Insulation

The Rion NA-28 is the heart of a lightning-quick sound insulation testing kit. ISO 140 and/or Schedule E results in the meter and downloadable and ready for printing on a PC in seconds. The FTL500 delivers up to 500W of pink or white noise via its onboard graphic equalizer yet weighs in at only 3.9kg.

FTL500 Combined Noise Generator | Amplifier | Graphic Equaliser
500 Watts (into 4 ohm) of selectable pink or white noise with a built-in graphic equaliser weighing in at less than 4 kg in a 2U high, easy to use unit, complete with R.F. remote control. Ex... view product details

ANV Measurement Systems TM-01 Tapping Machine
The ANV Measurement Systems Tapping Machine comes with mains and battery power and a really good remote control as standard. A lightweight (just over 10 kg) yet robust machine that was designed and i... view product details

Dodecahedron Speaker
The ANV Measurement Systems Dodecahedron Speaker has 12 high-sensitivity and high power-handling speakers. Robust and field-proven on our hire fleet, these excellent speakers are supplied with a stan... view product details

Rion NX-28BA: Building Acoustics Option for the Rion NA-28
The Rion NX-28BA is the quickest and easiest to use Building Acoustics package for a Class 1 multi-function sound analyser. It's semi-automated procedure enables the user to either follow the NX-28BA... view product details

Rion NA-28 Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter & Real Time Octave/Third Octave Analyser
The Rion NA-28 is the quickest and easiest to use Class 1 multi-function sound analyser. The superb colour display is visible in all lighting conditions – you can always see what the instrum... view product details