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Aircraft Noise

Rion offer a wide range of really cost-effective solutions for aircraft noise. They are a viable alternative to aircraft noise monitors which are expensive both to install and maintain. You could have an easy to use long-term noise logger for as little as around £2500. For a further £1500 or so you could remotely control and download the noise logger.

Logging aircraft noise events does not have to be complicated and expensive.

Rion NA-37B Class 1 Aircraft Noise Monitor
The NA-37B is Rion's 6th generation Aircraft Noise Monitor. The NA-37 and its predecessors are widespread in Japan with hundreds of units currently monitoring noise from both civil and military airpo... view product details

NL-52 Based Long-Term Noise Monitors
NL-52 based long-term monitors offer cost-effective and upgradeable Class 1 noise data logging. Available as Standard or Enhanced long-term monitor format you can expect at least 10 days data l... view product details

Live Leq Web-Based Real Time Monitoring for Noise Professionals
Live Leq is based upon the Rion NL-52 and WS-15 outdoor microphone outdoor protection so IEC 61672: Class 1 performance is assured (and had been independently type tested). Live Leq provides the mean... view product details

Standard Long-Term Noise Monitors
The ANV Measurement Systems Standard Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-31 (Class 1) are very widely used for baseline noise surveys and construction noise monitoring. This simple and economic s... view product details

Enhanced Long-Term Noise Monitors
ANV Measurement Systems Enhanced Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-31 (Class 1) are very widely used for baseline noise surveys. The weather-protected microphone is mounted on a stainless steel... view product details