Rion NA-28 Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter & Real Time Octave/Third Octave Analyser

The Rion NA-28 is the quickest and easiest to use Class 1 multi-function sound analyser. The superb colour display is visible in all lighting conditions – you can always see what the instrument is doing. It switches instantaneously between sound level meter mode and real time octaves and/or third octaves – this analyser does things in seconds where others take minutes. You can always get the data off the meter quickly and easily too because it’s stored as comma delimited text files onto a memory card – open the data straight into your spreadsheet without the need for bespoke software or dongles.

  • Measures and logs Leq, Lmin, Lmin, SEL + 5 Lns in octaves and/or third octaves
  • Rion NX-28WR Sound Recording Option
  • Sub-channel for simultaneous measurement of two time/frequency weightings
  • Exceptional battery life using standard alkaline batteries (4 C Cell batteries allow up to 16 hours continuous use)
  • Pre-polarised microphone as standard for reliable outdoor measurements
  • Massive storage potential of real time octave and third octave band spectra, onto a compact flash card
  • Stored data saved as text files which can be read directly by spreadsheet programs
  • Computer access to the data is not limited by dongled or bespoke software
  • Excel macros for formatting data supplied free of charge
  • Instrument display can be stored as a colour bit map at any time.
  • Additional Options Currently Available:
  • NX-28BA Building Acoustics
  • NX-28WR Waveform (Audio) Recording
  • NX-28FT Narrow Band (FFT) Analysis
  • Outdoor kit