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AV Calibration

  • One laboratory for both sound & vibration measurements
  • UKAS-Accredited acoustic calibration
  • Turnround time typically 7 working days
  • All measurements traceable to National Standards
  • AV Calibration now offer the full range of UKAS -accredited calibrations relevant to building acoustics measurements – sound level meters, octave and third-octave filters, reverberation time and tapping machines.

We offer the following standard UKAS-accredited services:

  • Calibration of sound calibrators and pistonphones
  • Calibration of sound level meters to IEC 61672-3:2006 as modified by UKAS TPS 49 Edition
    June 2009 or to BS 7580:Part 1:1997
  • Calibration of octave band and third-octave band filters designed in accordance with either
    IEC 61260:1996 (Classes 0, 1 & 2) or IEC 225:1966 which are fitted to sound level meters
  • Calibration of reverberation time when measured by a sound level meter
  • Calibration of tapping machines
  • Frequency response & linearity of noise recording instrumentation (e.g. recording options in sound level meters, digital recorders, DAT and tape recorders)

A complete package of sound level meter, third octave filters, reverberation time and tapping machine calibration for compliance testing of new buildings (for tests according to Building Regulations Approved Document E) is available at a special price.

AV Calibration was the first calibration laboratory to be awarded UKAS accreditation for testing filters fitted to sound level meters and offers a range of options, including full testing of filters used for compliance testing of new buildings.

It is also currently the ONLY UKAS-accredited laboratory offering customers calibration of noise recording instrumentation.
Traceable acoustic calibration of instrumentation, including sound calibrators, sound level meters, personal sound exposure meters ("dosemeters") and microphones. Performance checks on filter sets, reverberation time measurements, tapping machines and digital or analogue recording instrumentation. These calibrations are not UKAS accredited.

Traceable calibration of vibration instrumentation, including vibration calibrators, vibration meters, accelerometers and filter sets. These calibrations are not UKAS accredited. 
Other acoustic calibration, vibration calibration and testing undertaken by arrangement
We also undertake a limited range of equipment repairs, microphone and accelerometer replacement, cable supply and manufacturing and other bespoke accessories. Contact us with your requirements for more details.

If you can't see what you want testing, please contact us, we can often arrange special testing of instrumentation.

Click here lab@avcalib.co.uk and e-mail us with your requirements for an exact quotation or other advice.

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