Rion UV-15 Charge Amplifier | Vibration Meter Unit

The UV-15 can be used with CCLD, TEDS or charge-type accelerometers. Suitable for single or multichannel (up to 16 channels) use the UV-15 offers the opportunity to locate the signal conditioning unit close to the sensor or, by using a VP-26A pre-amplifier, the opportunity to operate a charge accelerometer at the end of a long extension cable (standard lengths of up to 100m are available). Analogue (a.c. or d.c.) and digital (USB or LAN) output (via the UV-22 Interface Unit) outputs available. On-board integrators allow the direct measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement. The UN-15 has a clear backlit display which shows level (as both numeric and a bar graph display) and important measurement parameters including whether the unit is measuring acceleration, velocity or displacement rms, equivalent peak or equivalent peak-to-peak.

  • Wide range of accelerometers supported (CCLD, TEDS, and charge) sensitivity range 0.1 99.9 mV/ms-2 and 0.1 99.9 pC/ms-2
  • UV-15 can be deployed close to the sensor and analogue or digital (USB or LAN using UV-22) can be relayed back to data acquisition system
  • UV-15 can alternatively be used to collect data from a charge accelerometer at the end of a long extension cable (EC-02 Series) via pre-amp input using a Rion VP-26A pre-amp (option)
  • On-board integrators measures acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Selectable display of rms, equivalent peak or equivalent peak-to-peak
  • 1Hz 15 kHz frequency response 5% (0.5 Hz 30 kHz 10%) for acceleration
  • Analogue a.c. and d.c. outputs
  • TEDS, CCLD inputs and separate a.c. and d.c. outputs via industry standard BNC sockets on rear panel
  • Output available via LAN or USB when used with UV-22
  • Numeric display with 1 second refresh rate
  • Bar graph display with 100msec refresh rate
  • Ten hi-pass and ten lo-pass filter points (can be selected independently or switched out)
  • Additional hi and lo pass filter frequencies available when used with UV-22
  • Power supply 9 15V d.c. (12V nominal) via suitable adapter or Battery Unit BP-17
  • Master/slave function enables settings on multiple instruments to be manually adjusted simultaneously when connected to UV-22