Rion NX-28FT Narrow Band FFT Analyser for the NA-28 (Class 1) Sound Analyser

The NX-28FT provides narrow-band analysis for the NA-28 Sound Analyser. Simplicity with speed and ease of use define this option which provides the frequency analysis data in sufficient detail to be able to carry out a tonal noise assessment in accordance with Annex C of ISO 1996-2:2007.

  • 20 kHz analysis range;
  • 8000 line FFT (2.5 Hz resolution);
  • 100 dB dynamic range;
  • 200 line display with x1, x2, x5, x10, x20 and x40 zoom functions;
  • Hanning and Rectangular Windows;
  • Measures Instantaneous, Maximum and Linear Average levels;
  • Instantaneous level can be displayed simultaneously with Maximum or Linear Average level;
  • Main channel and sub-channel overall levels displayed simultaneously with FFT data;
  • The 20 highest level frequency components can be displayed numerically at the press of a button;
  • Can be used simultaneously with NX-28WR Audio Recording option to provide an extremely powerful analysis package in an easy to use portable device.
  • Excel™ Macro Supplied Free of Charge which automatically carries out Tonal Analysis in accordance with Annex C of ISO 1996-2:2007