Rion NX-28WR Sound Recording Option for Rion NA-28 (Class 1) Sound Analyser

Rion NX-28WR Sound Recording Option for Rion NA-28 (Class 1) Sound Analyser

The NX-28WR adds really flexible and practical audio recording capability to the Rion NA-28 Sound Analyser. The audio is stored as calibrated wav files which can both be played back using any standard media player and used for re-analysis with wav file processing software (such as Prosig DATs Lite, Rion DA-20PA1). It's really easy to use and the word 'Rec.' flashes on the instrument screen once a second when it's recording so you're left in no doubt when an audio recording is being made.

The Total Record option is great when you're doing measurements of critical events. You can record continuously during a measurement to reanalyse afterwards it if necessary giving you total confidence that you've always got the data you need. You don’t have to record the whole measurement period. You also can set the meter to do manual recording which is started and stopped from the meter key pad. Using this method you can record events which happen during a measurement for more evaluation when you get back to the office. And there's a 1 second pre-trigger to assist you in capturing intermittent events

The event recording function is excellent for capturing the highest noise events during unattended measurements. However, it's more sophisticated than that - the trigger can be set to a level in any octave or third octave band. The periodic recording function can be used to confirm the identification of the principal noise sources during an unattended survey.

The NX-28WR audio recording option is, of course, an integral part of the Noise Nuisance Analyser. In the Noise Nuisance Analyser recording is started and stopped with either the NRH-1 Handset or the wireless remote.

Data from unattended monitoring or from use of the Noise Nuisance Analyser can be analysed quickly and easily with the NA-28PA1 software which displays audio file icons below a level vs. time graph. Individual recordings can then be selected for playback.

The NX-28WR audio recording option can be used with the NX-28BA Building Acoustics option for total traceability for building acoustics measurements and for reanalysis of reverberation times.

You can select the sample rate to play off data capacity vs. audio quality. This is less of an issue these days with the availability of large capacity memory cards. Up to 64 kHz (16 bit) sampling is supported (you can expect around 3.5 hours of this on a 2GB card) with 12 kHz the lowest available sample rate (more than 18 hours on a 2GB card).

Whatever sample rate you choose you won't be disappointed with the subjective quality of the NA-28/NA-28WR. The recordings are beautifully clear and crisp with very low noise.

  • 4 recording functions – Total, Manual, Event and Periodic;
  • Total Recording – audio recording throughout the entire measurement period;
  • Manual – start and stop audio recording during a measurement using a single button press on the instrument keypad;
  • Event - records audio above a user-defined trigger level in any octave or third octave band or all-pass level in the main or sub-channel;
  • Periodic - Records periodic audio snapshots (1 minute or 15 seconds) every 10 or 60 minutes for source identification during unattended surveys;
  • Periodic and triggered audio functions can be operated simultaneously;
  • Manual recording also when used with NRH-1 Handset (part of the ANV Measurement Systems/Rion Nuisance Analyser);
  • NX-28WR audio recordings are calibrated wav files recorded straight onto compact flash for immediate plug and play convenience;
  • NX-28WR audio recordings can be played back with almost any standard media player (no specialist software required);
  • NX-28WR audio recordings can be used for post-processing with wav file analysis software (such as Prosig DATs Lite or Rion DA-20PA1);
  • Clear indication on the meter display when audio recording is enabled and when audio recording is in progress;
  • Can be used with Rion NA-28PA1 software which displays audio file icons below a level vs. time graph;
  • Can be used simultaneously with NX-28BA Building Acoustics option.