Rion WS-03 Outdoor Protection for Rion Microphones

The Rion WS-03 Outdoor Microphone Protection System is practical, simple and effective, providing all the protection that a Rion microphone and pre-amplifier need against the elements. The WS-03 is totally site-proven under continuous use for years at a time under the harsh conditions found on building sites and plant-noise test beds and out on site for weeks at a time enduring the harsh weather conditions encountered at potential wind-farm sites.

Applying weather protection to meters’ standard microphones represents a significant cost saving when compared to our main competitors’ meters because they have to be used with a separate outdoor microphone (which can cost as much as the meter itself) for long-term surveys rather than the microphone supplied with the meter.

The simple design also avoids the need for complicated and time-consuming additional calibration procedures.

  • Complete protection from wind and rain for microphones supplied with Rion meters
  • Site-proven over many years and in the harshest of UK conditions
  • Type 1 performance achieved for Rion microphones with WS-03 weather protection in place
  • Even if the windshield is saturated with rain type 2 performance maintained
  • Inner gauze prevents water from getting to diaphragm
  • Wind noise performance figures can be supplied

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