Rion NA-28 Based Systems

If you need to log octave and/or third octave bands (LAeq, LAmax, Lmin, SEL and LN%) then you need an NA-28 Based Long-Term Noise Monitoring System. The NA-28, Rion's top of the range meter, offers unparalleled data storage potential and is power efficient enough to run for 7 days from a full charge off a pair of gel-cell batteries. The NA-28 long-term systems are available in both Standard and Enhanced Outdoor Kit Format and can be used with the NX-28WR for a long-term noise monitoring system with audio recording capability.

  • Rion NA-28 (Class 1) Sound Analyser
  • Rion WS-03 Outdoor Microphone Protection
  • Weather Resistant and Lockable Case for Sound Level Meter
  • Gel-Cell Batteries & Charger Providing 7 days’ Continuous Use in Standard format although additional batteries can optionally be added for longer battery life;
  • Microphone Extension Cable (2m, 5m, 10m lengths available off the shelf and 30m, 50m and 100m lengths can be ordered);
  • Mains and solar powered options available;
  • Measures and logs Leq, Lmin, Lmin, SEL + 5 Lns in octaves and/or third octaves
  • Octaves & Third Octaves can be measured simultaneously
  • Sub-channel for simultaneous measurement of two time/frequency weightings
  • Massive storage potential of real time octave and third octave band spectra, onto a compact flash card
  • Stored data saved as text files which can be read directly by spreadsheet programs
  • Computer access to the data is not limited by dongled or bespoke software
  • Excel macros for formatting data supplied free of charge
  • Audio recording option available

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Rion NX-28WR Sound Recording Option for Rion NA-28 (Class 1) Sound Analyser
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Standard Long-Term Noise Monitors
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