Long-Term Noise Monitors

Over the last 10 years ANV Measurement Systems and Rion have earned a fantastic reputation for the successful supply of reliable and easy to use long-term noise monitors. These simple systems have been in place for years on some sites and are in everyday use at dozens more locations for customers using our successful hire fleet.

Rion's reliable technology and ANV Measurement Systems' practical experience have combined to form an unbeatable range of long-term noise monitoring products from the most basic NL-21 (Class 2)/NL-31 (Class 1) Standard and Enhanced Outdoor Kits right up to truly permanent installations using the NA-37.

The long-term kits (as opposed to permanent installations) are based on applying simple and cost-effective outdoor protectionto the accurate yet comparatively robust Rion microphones supplied with the meters as standard. This represents a significant cost saving when compared to our main competitors' meters because they have to be used with a separate outdoor microphone (which can cost as much as the meter itself) for long-term surveys rather than the microphone supplied with the meter.

The Standard Long-Term Kit is very adaptable. The meter is in a weather-resistant case with gel-cell batteries and the microphone with weather protection is on the end of an extension cable which, as supplied, will mount on a tripod or the end of a 25mm outer diameter pole.

The Enhanced Long-term Kit also has the meter in a weather-resistant case with gel-cell batteries but there is an integral (but demountable) pole on the side of the case upon which the microphone and weather protection is mounted to give a much more stable solution than a tripod.

The most basic systems will log all the normally used environmental noise indices which can be downloaded and imported straight into spreadsheet programs without any bespoke software or dongles. Systems are also available, however, with enhanced functionality including:

Rion NA-37B Class 1 Aircraft Noise Monitor
The NA-37B is Rion's 6th generation Aircraft Noise Monitor. The NA-37 and its predecessors are widespread in Japan with hundreds of units currently monitoring noise from both civil and military airpo... view product details

Standard Long-Term Noise Monitors
The ANV Measurement Systems Standard Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-31 (Class 1) are very widely used for baseline noise surveys and construction noise monitoring. This simple and economic s... view product details

Rion NA-37A Class 1 Environmental Noise Monitor
The NA-37A provides a solution to the age-old problem of discriminating between noise generated by different sources by detecting their location and movement direction. The NA-37A enables permanent/l... view product details

Enhanced Long-Term Noise Monitors
ANV Measurement Systems Enhanced Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-31 (Class 1) are very widely used for baseline noise surveys. The weather-protected microphone is mounted on a stainless steel... view product details

Long-Term Noise Monitors with Audio Recording
The next best thing to a long-term attended survey is a long-term unattended noise survey with audio recording. This enables you to measure the noise levels over an extended period of time cost-effec... view product details

Rion NA-28 Based Systems
If you need to log octave and/or third octave bands (LAeq, LAmax, Lmin, SEL and LN%) then you need an NA-28 Based Long-Term Noise Monitoring System. The NA-28 , Rion's top of the range meter, offe... view product details

NL-52 Based Long-Term Noise Monitors
NL-52 based long-term monitors offer cost-effective and upgradeable Class 1 noise data logging. Available as Standard or Enhanced long-term monitor format you can expect at least 10 days data l... view product details

Rion WS-03 Outdoor Protection for Rion Microphones
The Rion WS-03 Outdoor Microphone Protection System is practical, simple and effective, providing all the protection that a Rion microphone and pre-amplifier need against the elements. The WS-03 is t... view product details