Class 1 Noise Measurements – Easy, Intuitive and Reliable for Attended, Unattended or Live-to-Web Measurements.

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PPV, Dominant Frequency & Displacement with Integrated 4G Modem. Specifically designed for Construction and Demolition.

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Class 1 Noise Measurements, PTB Type Tested with Weather Protection in place. Practical and Site Proven – the UK Acoustics Industry Standard.

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VDV, PPV, Dominant Frequency & Displacement – Easy, Intuitive and Reliable for Attended, Unattended or Live-to-Web Measurements.

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Live-to-Web MCERTS PM10 Only or Combined MCERTS PM10 & PM2.5 plus PM1, PM4 and TSP. MCERTS up to 10,000 µgm-3 and support for Gravimetric Sampling.

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Live-to-Web Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a Single, Secure Website using Site-Proven and Certified  Sensors.

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UKAS Accredited (Lab 0653) Acoustic Calibration and Traceable Vibration Calibration.  A standard 5 Day Turnaround. All major manufacturers’ kit supported.

Calibration Services

Practical and Cost-Effective Hire Solutions for Acoustics, Noise, Vibration and Dust Measurements and Monitoring including Unattended and Live-to-Web Systems.

Hire Products
Quality, Reliability
and Ease of Use
Customer Service
UKAS Accredited Laboratory (5 day turnaround target)


ANV don’t just sell and hire instrumentation. We support it properly with our UKAS accredited laboratory (0653) and our well-resourced team.

Before you commit to a supplier of acoustic, vibration, environmental instrumentation and/or live-to-web monitoring services, check out our plans and capability for future calibration and support.


ANV have become leading suppliers of noise, vibration and dust instrumentation to consultants and environmental managers throughout the UK and Ireland. Our reputation has been built on the quality, reliability and ease of use of our products backed by industry-leading customer support. Most of our products are available for sale or hire. Whether you are familiar with our product range and you know what you want or whether you would like to discuss your application to help point you in the right direction please contact us today for  more information and advice.


Coronavirus Update

Risk Minimisation Measures Implemented – Normal Service Levels Maintained

Steps have been taken to:

  • reduce the risk of infection to ANV Measurement Systems staff; and
  • minimise the risk of contamination being carried by instrumentation and accessories supplied or handled by ANV Measurement Systems.

As matters currently stand, this has been achieved without adversely affecting our service levels. In particular:-

  • Calibrations are still being carried out within our 5 working day target;
  • We have a good stock of hire kit available for dispatch within 24 hours; and
  • We have good stock levels of live-to-web, long-term and hand-held noise, vibration and dust* monitors available for purchase and rapid deployment.

Nearly all businesses are being adversely affected, directly or indirectly, by the effects of Coronavirus.  ANV Measurement Systems especially appreciate the support of our loyal customers at this time.

* only live-to-web dust monitors are available

coronavirus update


Latest News

LivEnviro:  New Preferences Page

Our new user preferences page allows the user to save their own plotting preferences.   Simply select the items you wish to load by default and, when detailed view is loaded, the plot reflects the saved preferences.


Latest News
LivEnviro: New Homepages

The new LivEnviro homepages make finding the information you’re looking for about your monitoring project faster and easier.  View your monitoring stations in Map View or List View, the choice is yours.


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Latest News
LivEnviro: Improved Integration of Noise and Weather Data

You can now view noise and weather data on the same page. This is really helpful when deciding which data should be included or excluded for further analyses of noise levels.



Some of the Sectors we work in


Our site-proven, reliable and easy to use instrumentation, together with our industry-leading support have made us a market leader in the construction and demolition sector.


Our portable and battery-powered instrumentation, for sale or hire, is uniquely intuitive to use and the data (on a memory card) can be opened straight into Excel.


Consultants have always been a key sector for ANV Measurement Systems. Experts in their field can appreciate the quality, reliability and ease of use of our instrumentation.


Our easy to use and reliable kit is uniquely suited to attended, unattended and/or live-to-web monitoring. The data from our live system can also be accessed via an API by third party applications such as project-specific multi-parameter monitoring platforms.


Covering everything from vibration and noise inside vehicles to the monitoring of noise, vibration and particulate emissions at the construction and operational phases of transportation projects.

Noise Nuisance

Our instrumentation, with onboard “help”, is designed to be so intuitive you can take it out and use it even if you haven’t had to deal with a noise issue for weeks, months or even years.


Our priorities at ANV are to offer you value for money in the form of excellent quality, reliable instrumentation which is easy to use and supported by excellent customer service. With our in-house UKAS accredited laboratory (0653) we can offer sound and vibration calibration for all major manufacturers’ kit. We try to keep our most popular products in stock so you won’t be waiting months for delivery.

We have the biggest sound and vibration hire fleet in the UK and have recently added some Live PM10 monitors for particulate/dust monitoring. We are rarely in a position where we have to let a hire customer down.

Our laboratory, and our particulate/dust instrumentation partners TSI who are based in High Wycombe, aim for a 5 day turnaround for calibration services.

  • Sole UK Distributors for Rion Sound and Vibration Instruments
  • UK Distributors for the Profound Vibra Series
    of construction vibration meters
  • Sole UK Distributors of the SIG Acoustic Camera
  • Gold Partners for TSI Environmental Dust Monitoring Solutions
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Q Sources range
    of dodecahedron speakers and amplifiers
  • Operate UKAS Laboratory 0653
Quality, Reliability
and ease of use
Customer service
UKAS Accredited laboratory (5 day turnaround target)