ANV Measurement Systems were established in 2001 with the initial aim of becoming a major player in the UK acoustics, sound monitoring equipment and vibration meters principally based upon the sales and hire of Rion sound and vibration products, fully backed by a calibration service and excellent technical support. ANV Measurement Systems were able to cover most of the UK’s sound level meter instrumentation and vibration meter instrumentation products from the Rion range but turned to Profound for a PPV meter for the construction/demolition market as this was a gap in the Rion product lineup.

ANV Measurement Systems became quickly established within the UK marketplace largely as a result of the ease of use and reliability of the Rion and Profound instrumentation and the ANV Measurement Systems practical solutions based upon these – kits for unattended long-term monitoring and Nuisance Recorders for example.


ANV Measurement Systems became particularly successful with consultants who became familiar with the Rion/Profound/ANV kit, and ANV’s quality of customer service, using extensive hire service.

ANV Measurement Systems’ hire service is trusted throughout the acoustics industry and we think we have the UK’s largest sound and vibration hire fleet.


Calibration has been an integral part of ANV Measurement Systems since 2001. One of the founding and continuing principles of ANV Measurement Systems is that if you supply instrumentation you should be able to calibrate it. Since 2009 we have been offering calibration for all major manufacturers’ noise and vibration meters calibration (with UKAS accreditation for acoustic calibration – Laboratory 0653).

We think we carry out more sound and vibration calibrations than any other UK lab. Read more about our calibration services.

Live-to-Web Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather

ANV Measurement Systems first remote system was RCDS (Remote Control and Download Software). Released in 2006, RCDS was a remote download system for noise which had SMS alerts. It was revolutionary in its day and was widely used, especially on Crossrail construction sites.

LiveLeq, the noise element of LivEnviro, was released in 2014. LivePPV, LivePM10 and LiveMet (vibration, dust and weather) were added to LivEnviro in 2015. LivEnviro remains a unique product to this day – a combination of real-time data (most sensors upload at a 1 minute refresh rate) and a single secure website for all of the sensors, which are all excellent site-proven and certified instruments in their own right. Development and improvement of LivEnviro is ongoing and we believe that LivEnviro is the UK’s leading live-to-web multi-parameter system.


Rion Sound Monitoring Equipment

ANV Measurement Systems have been the sole UK Distributors for Rion Sound and Vibration since 2001 and are also Rion Distributors for the Republic of Ireland. Rion were established in 1944 to develop commercial products based on the research carried out at the Kobayashi Institute in Tokyo, Japan. With around 800 employees, Rion are one of the largest sound monitoring equipment and vibration instrument manufacturers in the world, and one of the very few that manufacture their own top quality measurement microphones. Rion’s size and commitment to quality enables them to produce instruments that are exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, and incredibly reliable, at a realistic price.


ANV Measurement Systems have been UK and Ireland Distributors for Profound Vibration monitors since 2006 when Profound merged with IFCO, for whom ANV Measurement Systems were UK Distributors from 2001. Profound grew out of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and are a trusted partner on major construction projects around the world.


ANV Measurement Systems’ partnership with TSI, for particulate (dust) monitoring, is relatively new (since the start of 2018). TSI were established in 1961 by alumni of Minnesota University. TSI have more than 800 employees around the world. Most importantly, their European Service Centre is in the UK (High Wycombe). TSI aim to offer the best and most accurate instruments of their kind, excelling in both quality and innovation.


ANV Measurement Systems are the sole UK and Ireland Distributor for Qsources’ excellent architectural acoustics products. Qsources have many years experience of designing and manufacturing industrial sound and vibration sources which have been brought to bear upon their architectural acoustics sector resulting in innovative and exceptionally high quality products.

SIG Acoustic Cameras

ANV Measurement Systems are the sole UK and Ireland Distributors for SIG Acoustic Cameras. The team behind SIG have been pioneering beamforming and acoustic cameras from the beginning. The SIG Acoustic Cameras are low cost, due to their MEMS microphones, but incorporate highly advanced signal processing to obtain results way beyond the expected performance of traditional beamforming techniques.