Occupational Noise Monitoring

Occupational noise monitoring equipment that measure noise and vibration levels are one of the duties that most health and safety practitioners have to fulfil. A Rion noise meter is uniquely intuitive and with an easy user interface make them ideal.

In the UK, Class 2 noise monitoring equipment is sufficient for occupational noise assessment. Rion’s Class 2 instruments share the same levels of quality with their Class 1 counterparts at a lower price so you can expect ease of use, reliability and longevity at a highly competitive price.

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Why Choose ANV Measurement Systems

Established in 2001, ANV Measurement Systems offer the highest quality products backed by industry-leading customer support. Most of our easy to use and reliable products are available for both purchase and hire. We offer a full, rapid in-house calibration service for sound and vibration products from all major manufacturers (UKAS Laboratory Number 0653) and, in partnership with TSI, we offer a rapid calibration service for the TSI particulate monitors that we currently supply.

  • Sole UK Distributors for Rion Sound and Vibration Instruments
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Profound Vibra Series
    of construction vibration meters
  • Sole UK Distributors of the SIG Acoustic Camera
  • Gold Partners for TSI Environmental Dust Monitoring Solutions
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Q Sources range
    of dodecahedron speakers and amplifiers
  • Operate UKAS Laboratory 0653

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