Viscosity & Volume

Rion have developed some unique solutions for some notoriously tricky viscosity measurement situations.

Ensuring the correct viscosity is a key requirement for many products – many foodstuffs, engine oil and shampoo for example. Reliable measurement of viscosity usually requires large expensive lab-based machines. The Rion solution is small and portable and can be use on the production line saving time and money.

Rion have developed a method of determining the volume of irregularly shaped spaces (e.g. engine cylinders) and other objects acoustically. The Rion method for engine capacity measurement is much quicker (and less messy) than the traditional burette method. The method can also be used to determine the volume of irregularly shaped objects (jewellery for instance) or objects that cannot be touched.

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Established in 2001, ANV Measurement Systems offer the highest quality products backed by industry-leading customer support. Most of our easy to use and reliable products are available for both purchase and hire. We offer a full, rapid in-house calibration service for sound and vibration products from all major manufacturers (UKAS Laboratory Number 0653) and, in partnership with TSI, we offer a rapid calibration service for the TSI particulate monitors that we currently supply.

  • Sole UK Distributors for Rion Sound and Vibration Instruments
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Profound Vibra Series
    of construction vibration meters
  • Sole UK Distributors of the SIG Acoustic Camera
  • Gold Partners for TSI Environmental Dust Monitoring Solutions
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Q Sources range
    of dodecahedron speakers and amplifiers
  • Operate UKAS Laboratory 0653

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