Excel Macros for Rion Instruments

Features & Benefits

  • Excel Macro for NL-52/42 for broad-band, octave/third octave or FFT data
  • Excel Macro for VM-56 for broad band or third octave data
  • VC Curve Sensitive Machinery Calculator for VM-56 Third Octave Data
  • Excel Macros for the NA-28 for sound insulation testing, data management and tonal analysis
  • Data management Excel Macros for the VA-12 and VM-54

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Product Details

Data is available as comma delimited text file (which can be opened directly into Excel) from Rion instruments and LivEnviro eliminating the need for download software.

Very often the data is in a format than be directly used for analysis or reporting via Excel.

Rion have developed Excel macros to support more complex data, such as third octave bands, and formulaic data analysis such as that required for sound insulation testing.

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