NNR-04 Noise Nuisance Recorder from ANV and Rion

Features & Benefits

  • Based on the New Rion NL-53 Class 1 Sound Level Meter (Class 2 NL-43 also available)
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Operation
  • Drag and Drop Data Import into Rion AS-60 Software
  • Wav files for easy playback and sharing with Stakeholders
  • Third octaves and outdoor protection available
  • Removeable and Upgradable SD Memory Card
  • High quality & robust microphone connection inside the lockable case

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Product Details

Deploying a Noise Nuisance Recorder has become the industry standard first response to noise nuisance complaints. Speed and ease of use are the key attributes required to help you to get the job done. There is no quicker or easier to use Nuisance Recorder than the new NNR-04.

The NNR-04 is quick and easy to deploy because it’s all connected and ready to go.

There is a removeable memory card that can be kept for evidence and is easily swapped out or upgraded.

Downloading the data and audio is so quick and simple. Simply copy the folder onto your desktop and drag and drop it onto the icon for the Rion AS-60 software.

The Rion AS-60 software aligns the level vs time graphs with audio recording file icons.

With the data in AS-60 you can zoom in/out of the graphs and select and play audio recordings with 1 mouse click.

Because the recorded data is in the form of standard wav files they can be replayed on any computer and other digital devices. This makes it easy to share the audio data with your colleagues or other stakeholders.

Take a look at the great features available from the NNR-04…

ANV Hire

All the instruments ANV Measurement Systems supply are well suited to rental because of their ease of use and reliability. You won’t need to spend the first day of your rental period learning how to use the instrument. Anyway, there’s always someone knowledgeable, helpful and friendly in the ANV Measurement Systems office to help during normal office hours if you do get stuck.

It’s not just the instruments and technical support that make the ANV Measurement Systems Hire fleet different. Our accessories, like the long-term outdoor kits, are practical and site-proven. We also endeavour to keep our hire fleet stocked with new instruments and accessories. The vibration instruments are provided with traceable calibration.

Instruments are normally shipped to you on a next day courier (timed delivery) but we can also do sameday delivery to most UK mainland locations. Alternatively you are very welcome to pick up the kit from our office and to benefit from free advice & training on the use of the kit and to sample our excellent coffee.

After the first week our hire rate is daily (@ 1/7 of the weekly hire rate) and we offer a 4 day minimum hire for when you really only need the kit for a day or two.

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