Rion AS-60 (AS-60RT) Data Management Software

Features & Benefits

  • Review, analyse and synchronise data from up to 8 Rion sound level meters simultaneously
  • Exclude data and recalculate noise indices
  • Automatically create daily and user-specified period reports – export to Excel or print/pdf
  • Simply drag and drop file icons to load and review data

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Product Details

Rion AS-60 (AS-60RT for third octave data) Data Management software provides a really quick and intuitive means of reviewing and analysing logged data from the Rion NL-52, NL-42 and NA-28. It will also support the import of data from older Rion meters such as the NL-32 or 31.

AS-60 is especially useful when you have audio data because it displays file icons for the audio recordings upon zoomable level-time graphs of the survey data. It’s really quick and easy to review long-term survey results and you can investigate noise events and/or periodic recordings very quickly.

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