Rion Microphones

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Quality Standard ½” Free Field and Pressure Microphones (WS2F and WS2P)
  • High sensitivity 1” microphones (including an ICP mic & pre-amp with 2 dB(A) noise floor
  • ¼” Free Field Microphones (WS3F) for measurement up to 164 dB and 100 kHz
  • Wide range of pre-amplifiers including ICP and TEDS compliant

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Product Details

Rion is a leader amongst the very few companies that manufacture top quality measurement microphones. Rion manufacture a wide range of microphones and pre-amplifiers for both standard and highly specialised requirements.

The UC-59 is Rion’s current standard ½” free-field (WS2F) pre-polarised microphone which is used on Class 1 sound level meters. The Rion UC-59 has a zero pressure to free-field correction at 1 kHz and a sensitivity of -27 dB re 1V/Pa making it well suited to easy integration into measurement systems.

The low noise 1” free-field (WS1F) UC-35P is paired with an 4mA ICP preamplifier to provide a sensitivity of 1V/Pa with a typical noise floor of 2 dB(A).

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