Rion NA-39 Class 1 Aircraft Noise Monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Aircraft Noise Monitor with automatic source recognition using sound arrival direction
  • Take offs, landings, ground noise and overflight events automatically recognised
  • Powerful software for daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting of aircraft noise events
  • Data and audio from Individual events can be reviewed for further investigation

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Product Details

The NA-39 is the latest in a long line of Rion Aircraft Noise Monitors and it utilises Rion’s unique vector noise source identification system to distinguish aircraft noise events (ANEs) from extraneous noise.

The Rion NA-39 uses a 4 microphone array and powerful cross-correlation techniques to log aircraft noise events, even automatically detecting whether the aircraft is taking off, landing or just flying past the measurement position by tracking its trajectory. An SSR radar receiver option can add additional certainty to the aircraft noise event recognition.

The NA-39 is supported by powerful software which can be used to control many instruments (at one or several airports) which automatically downloads the instruments and categorises the noise events. Weekly, daily, monthly and annual reports are all easily generated within the software. You can also review the data and listen to audio files for each noise event individually for further investigation.

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