Rion NC-72B Pistonphone (IEC 60942 Class LS/M and Class 1/M)

Features & Benefits

  • BS EN  IEC 60942: 2017 Class LS/M and 1/M Pistonphone (when used with a suitable barometer)
  • Nominal 114 dB (± 0.2dB) at 250 Hz (± 1%) at reference conditions
  • Specified sound pressure level tolerance ± 0.1dB at reference conditions
  • Specified frequency tolerance ± 0.1% at reference conditions
  • Suitable for standard half inch, 1 inch and quarter inch microphones
  • Supplied in case with barometer

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Product Details

The Rion NC-72B Pistonphone complies with BS EN IEC 60942: 2017 Class LS/M and Class 1/M when used with a suitable barometer.

It is a standard sound source intended for laboratory use with high accuracy and stability.

Sound pressure level tolerance is ±0.1 dB at the specified level and reference conditions.

Unique cutting edge design ensures accurate sinusoidal sound pressure and 2000 hours of operation without lubrication.

This precision device will work with standard half inch microphones as well as 1 inch and quarter inch microphones.

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