RION NL-53 Sound Level Meter

Features & Benefits

  • IEC 61672 Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter (Class 2 NL-43 also available)
  • Octave/third octave, wav file recording, FFT and outdoor protection kit options
  • Data stored as CSV file to a memory card for easy import into Excel

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Product Details

“Connect” is the keyword for RION’s new sound level meter

Newly equipped with LAN terminals, the NL-53 offers various enhanced functions to connect to other communication devices and to maximise the effectiveness of noise measurement tasks. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to understand for the ultimate in user-friendliness.

Simultaneous measurement for up to four channels
Set different frequency weighting and time weighting characteristics for each channel to record instantaneous SPL and calculated values.  A single unit can measure up to 4 channels simultaneously, allowing users to reduce their working time.

LAN terminal

By connecting to a network, a remote connection via web browser of PC or smartphone may be established.  You can check the status of the unit, view and acquire measurement data, and listen to real-time audio.

USB Type-C connector

Compatible with USB power supply from mobile battery unit. Enables acquisition of measurement data or settings changes via communication commands.  PCs can read the SD card inside the sound level meter as a removable disk.

Familiar RION options

  • NX-43WR: Wave recording function to record full quality audio (up to 24-bit and 48kHz)
  • NX-43RT: Octave and 1/3rd octave real time analysis
  • NX-43FT: FFT analysis program


After adding the NX-43RT option to your NL-53, you can measure/log octave and 1/3rd octave data.  The processing power of the NL-53 supports:

  • both main and sub bands, to allow spectral measurements of two difference combinations of time and frequency weightings;
  • evaluation of Noise Rating for HVAC noise assessments; and
  • overlaying saved measurement data to easily make comparisons with live data.

ANV Hire

All the instruments ANV Measurement Systems supply are well suited to rental because of their ease of use and reliability. You won’t need to spend the first day of your rental period learning how to use the instrument. Anyway, there’s always someone knowledgeable, helpful and friendly in the ANV Measurement Systems office to help during normal office hours if you do get stuck.

It’s not just the instruments and technical support that make the ANV Measurement Systems Hire fleet different. Our accessories, like the long-term outdoor kits, are practical and site-proven. We also endeavour to keep our hire fleet stocked with new instruments and accessories. The vibration instruments are provided with traceable calibration.

Instruments are normally shipped to you on a next day courier (timed delivery) but we can also do sameday delivery to most UK mainland locations. Alternatively you are very welcome to pick up the kit from our office and to benefit from free advice & training on the use of the kit and to sample our excellent coffee.

After the first week our hire rate is daily (@ 1/7 of the weekly hire rate) and we offer a 4 day minimum hire for when you really only need the kit for a day or two.

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