Rion UV-22 Interface Unit for UN-14 (Sound) and UV-15 (Vibration) Signal Conditioners

Features & Benefits

  • Controls and coordinates up to 16 channels of noise and/or vibration measurements
  • USB or LAN connection to controlling computer
  • Instrument settings can be viewed and controlled using UV-22 software on host p.c.
  • Additional hi and lo pass filter frequencies can be set at third octave centre frequencies

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Product Details

The UV-22 enables simultaneous measurement of up to 16 channels of mixed sound or vibration with UN-14 Measuring Amplifiers/Sound Level Meter Units and UV-15 Charge Amplifier/Vibration Signal Conditioner/Vibration Meter Units.

The data can be obtained from each individual UN-14 and UV-15 in the form of an analogue a.c. or d.c. signal or it can be obtained from the UV-22 via LAN or USB connection to a computer running the supplied UV-22 Viewer Software.

The LAN and USB interface options enable data collection of the output of up to 16 channels of sound and vibration into a simple CSV file at user-defined intervals.

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