Rion VM-230/240A Acoustical Capacity Meter

Features & Benefits

  • Once set up engine cylinder capacity can be measured in ~ 2 seconds
  • Much faster than burette method which takes around 30 minutes
  • No liquids required
  • Enables many more engines to be tested due to rapidity and convenience of the method

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Product Details

The Acoustical Capacity Meter was primarily developed to measure the capacity of engine combustion chambers either on the head assembly itself (using the VM-240A) or on a complete engine via the spark-plug fitting (VM-230A).

These measurements allow the engineer to quickly determine that the compression ratio of each cylinder is correct in far less time than it would normally take, using the traditional oil-filling, burette method.

The Acoustical Capacity Meter enables the rapid and accurate viscosity and volume measurement of irregular shapes without the use of liquids therefore has a broad range of potential additional applications.

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