ANV Now UK Distributor of Norsonic Instruments!

On 25 July 2022 Rion announced the purchase of shares in Norsonic. Under these arrangements Norsonic became a subsidiary company of Rion. Both Rion and Norsonic were, are, and will remain, leading manufacturers of sound level meters and associated products.
Rion will continue to develop and manufacture exceptionally high-quality instruments providing the core sound and vibration measurement functions and data reliably, quickly and easily.
Norsonic will continue to develop and manufacture innovative, feature-rich instruments, providing advanced and core acoustic measurement functions with comprehensive data capture.
Rion and Norsonic products will retain their distinct identities but some elements will become shared as co-operation between the companies deepens.
The co-operation between Rion and Norsonic would not be best served by there being competing distributors in the UK and the decision has been taken to make ANV Measurement Systems, the Sole UK Distributor of Rion Sound and Vibration instruments since 2001, a UK Distributor of Norsonic Instruments from 1 July 2024 and the Sole UK Distributor for both Rion and Norsonic sound and vibration instruments from 1 January 2025.
Norsonic place great value on their UK customers and the support that Campbell Associates have given for more than 20 years, and preceding that, the support provided by Gracey and Associates, is recognised and greatly appreciated.
ANV Measurement Systems welcome the exciting opportunity to distribute and support Norsonic instrumentation but do not underestimate the challenges that this will bring. Every effort will be made to provide a smooth transition and, moving forward, ANV Measurement Systems are determined to provide excellent levels of service to both Rion and Norsonic UK customers.
If you have any questions please address them to ANV Measurement Systems Managing Director, Mike Breslin (