The Groundborne Vibration Meter that Acoustic Consultants have been waiting for

Ideal for Consultants

The VM-56 groundborne vibration meter can simultaneously measure VDV, PPV, Dominant Frequency and Displacement, together with a detailed (100msec) acceleration time history. With third octaves (fast and slow weighting) and wav file recording the VM-56 is ideal for consultants.

The Rion VM-56 has been designed as a professional instrument specifically for the measurement and monitoring of groundborne vibration.

It’s equally suited to: Attended Measurements, Long-term Unattended Measurements and Live-to-Web monitoring as part of ANV’s Live PPV/LivEnviro System.

Wav File Recording and Third Octave options are available for the VM-56 and, when installed, these functions are available simultaneously with the full broad-band functionality of the meter.

Groundborne Vibration Meter

With a frequency range of 0.5 – 315 Hz, and amplitude range of 0.03 – 100 mm/s the VM-56 can be used for evaluation of vibration for groundborne noise as well as BS S 6472: 1, BS 7385: 2 and BS 5228: 2 assessments.

The VM-56 is a precision Rion instrument specifically for groundborne vibration, not a blasting meter or bewilderingly complex sound and vibration meter (we will consider a trade-in on the latter).

And, being a Rion, the VM-56 meets the following expectations:

  • Easy and intuitive to use (just like a Rion NL-52);
  • Reliable;
  • Accurate; and
  • The data is stored as a CSV file to an SD card.

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