Lithium Ion Battery Packs Give ANV Long-Term and Live Kits Extra Lease of Life

ANV Measurement Systems can now supply portable, practical li-ion battery packs that provide sufficient power for:

  • more than a month between battery changes for long-term noise and vibration monitors; and
  • weekly battery changes for noise and vibration kits which are live-to-web 24/7.

A partnership between Tracer and ANV Measurement Systems enable the li-ion battery packs and chargers to be supplied at no extra cost (compared to Tracer prices) with the essential accessories to enable Rion and ANV Systems to be run safely and without invalidating their warranty.

Benefits of the li-ion battery packs

The 100 Ah batteries are supplied in a weather-resistant pelicase and weigh in at a highly-portable 9 kg (about 25% of the weight of the gel-cell or VRLA batteries required for this capacity).

These battery packs can be added to existing Rion/ANV long-term and/or live kits, once they have been modified by ANV, and are available for purchase or hire.

About ANV

ANV have become leading suppliers of noise, vibration and dust instrumentation to consultants and environmental managers throughout the UK and Ireland. Our reputation has been built on the quality, reliability and ease of use of our products backed by industry-leading customer support.

Most of our products are available for sale or hire. Whether you are familiar with our product range and you know what you want or whether you would like to discuss your application to help point you in the right direction.