LivEnviro: Improved Noise and Weather Data Integration

LivEnviro: Viewing Noise and Weather Data Simultaneously

It is now possible to simultaneously view noise data with windspeed, wind direction and precipitation rate for Live Leq noise monitors and Live Met weather monitors on the same account.

This can be done for the current and historic measurement periods. Viewing the data directly on LivEnviro can be the quickest way to identify data to be included or excluded from analysis on the basis of weather conditions.

A more quantitative evaluation can be carried out in a couple of ways.

The data from the individual noise and weather graphs can be easily downloaded as a csv file and opened directly into Excel.

Alternatively, complete daily, weekly or monthly weather reports can now be downloaded in 1 hour or 15 minute resolution from the day/week/month view for the relevant Live Met weather station.

ANV are constantly improving LivEnviro in response to customers’ requirements and features continue to be added at no extra cost to LivEnviro subscribers.

ANV are always interested to talk with existing and potential future subscribers regarding specific requirements to make LivEnviro the most efficient way to obtain and analyse noise, vibration, dust and weather data.

We hope you find this powerful new feature useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us on if you need help using this, or any other aspect of LivEnviro.