LivEnviro: New Homepages

If you have accessed your LivEnviro account recently you will have noticed that the homepage has been given a major update. You can now choose between updated Map and List views.

The List View gives a summary of all your account’s monitors. You can now sort by the column headings, allowing you to quickly find monitors that are offline or have exceedances. These include: project, site, position, serial number, last data received, last status, remaining SD card capacity, number of exceedances, system voltage, use of advanced features (power saving and NL-52 .wav recording) or system status.  The List View can be further filtered by monitor type (noise, vibration, dust or weather) and whether the monitor is active or inactive.  We’ve also added a search function which can be used to go to a specific monitor based on its name or serial number.

On the Map View, if you have multiple projects and/or multiple sites, the sites will initially appear with their name and the number of measurement positions.  If you have a single site, icons for the individual measurement positions will show up straight away.
Regardless of your starting point, the map page is zoomable and, once zoomed in, clicking on a monitor icon will generate a pop-up containing a summary of current data for that monitor, which can in turn be used to click through to the detailed data for that monitor.

We hope you agree that these changes are a substantial improvement.  Don’t hesitate to contact if you would like a more detailed explanation of any of the new LivEnviro features.