MCERTS Indicative Particulate Monitoring with LivEnviro – A Significantly Better Alternative

There are a few Indicative Particulate Monitoring systems which have MCERTS but on closer inspection the TSI Environmental Dust Track used in ANV’s Live PM10 offers some significant advantages over the opposition.

Consider the Certified Measurement Range

  • Some have MCERTS for PM10 only with a certified range of 0 – 100 μgm-3
  • Some have MCERTS for both PM10 and PM2.5 with a certified range of  0 – 150 μgm-3 BUT you need 2 sensors if you want to measure PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously (3 if you want TSP as well).
  • Only TSI Indicative Particulate Monitoring have MCERTS for both PM10 and PM2.5 with a Certified Range of 0 – 10,000 μgm-3 AND with the DRX you can measure PM10, PM2.5, TSP, PM1 and PM4 simultaneously with ONE sensor.

Reliability and low running costs

Are also exceptionally good for Live PM10 because:-

  • The TSI Environmental Dust Track is designed to run for 12 months between calibrations without any routine maintenance. For added confidence, or under particularly testing conditions, you can replace the low cost sheath filter (a simple on-site job) once every 6 months.
  • With automatic zeroing accurate results are assured.
  • TSI are so confident in the reliability of their monitors we can offer 3 or 5 year “Bumper-to-Bumper” Warranties at really competitive prices. No wriggling, no 6 point text. Your TSI kit is covered (annual calibration, labour and parts) against malfunction for the duration of the contract.

Customer Service and Calibration

ANV and TSI know that when you purchase (or hire) an instrument that is the beginning of the customer experience.

TSI provide a proper NIST-traceable laboratory calibration using ISO 12103 test dust at a competitive price.

TSI’s laboratory and European Service Centre is in the UK (High Wycombe).

Standard calibration turnaround time is 5 working days (and can be quicker by special arrangement).

Further details regarding Live PM10 can be found on the LivEnviro website.