More New Features Added to LivEnviro

LivEnviro is being constantly updated both to remain compatible with developing hardware and software platforms and to add new user features. Upgrades are currently taking place at around fortnightly intervals. Sometimes the changes are not obvious such as amendments required to accommodate browser operation or those which quietly improve LivEnviro’s performance or robustness. However, we’ve recently added some really helpful features.

New LivEnviro Features

  • Showing gaps in data for downloaded csv files. Combined with our recently introduced Download Scheduler this really helps if you want to download the data and represent it in your own/company style/format.
  • Day/Week/Month view is now available for all currently available sensors on LivEnviro. You can now view and/or download a day, several days, a week, several weeks or a month’s data with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Primary Limit View is now available for all currently available sensors on LivEnviro. This enables community engagement and/or proactive control of noise, vibration and dust via a very simple view (perfect for a smart phone).
  • Audio on Demand now available for Live Leq with Octaves or Third Octaves (previously it was only available on broadband systems). You can download an audio sample from any point in the previous 24 hours (great for complaint investigation).

With so many new features having been added to LivEnviro it might be a good time to book a training session via Zoom or Skype to ensure that you are using all of the current capabilities of the system

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