New Audio Trigger Feature Added to LivEnviro

New Feature for Triggering Audio without Alerts

Over the summer we have been adding more user features to LivEnviro.

Audio recordings triggered when limits are exceeded have been an integral part of the system for many years.

More recently Audio on Demand was added. Audio on Demand allows a LivEnviro Manager to retrieve a 2 minute clip of audio from any time in the previous 24 hours. A typical use for this is to request audio to aid investigation when a complaint has arisen but no limits were exceeded.

It came to our attention that some users were setting limits (e.g. LAmax 5 minutes) just to obtain the audio clips to get an indication of the prevalent noise sources. This led to the unwanted bi-product of many unwanted e-mail alerts.

So we have added a feature  that enables managers to set triggers purely to obtain 2 minute clips of audio.

The user settings for audio triggers are the same as for limits so they are extremely flexible:-

  • Up to 5 simultaneous broadband triggers (any index available on the meter);
  • Multiple simultaneous measurement times for triggers (e.g. 5 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hour);
  • Up to 24 sets of triggers per day;
  • Different triggers for each day of the week; and
  • The same amount again of octave/third octave band triggers if the option is present on the Rion NL-52.


We hope you find this powerful new feature useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us on if you need help using this, or any other aspect of LivEnviro.