Rion AS-70 Wav File Analysis Software

Features & Benefits

  • Octave, third octave, FFT analysis, spectrograms
  • Integration and differentiation to switch between acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Frequency and time weightings for noise and vibration analysis (AS-70GV required for some indices)
  • Tonal analysis in accordance with Annex E of BS 4142: 2014

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Product Details

The AS-70 wav file analysis software can be used to import and analyse wav files from the Rion NL-52/42 and other Rion instruments such as the NA-28, DA-21 and RioNote. AS-70 can also import files from third party instruments/data recorders. Rion AS-70 automatically imports the calibration data if the wav file has been recorded on a Rion instrument.

Wav files recorded with the VM-56 require a specific version of the software AS-70GV and if you wish to use wav files form the VM-56 and other instruments you will need AS-70 plus AS-70GV.

Simply drag and drop file icons into the AS-70 software window to load data.

AS-70 has a wide range of functions for both sound and vibration analysis.

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