ANV adds Dust Monitors to Hire Fleet

Live PM10 Dust Monitors for Hire

Live PM10 dust monitors are now available for hire at a competitive weekly rate (minimum hire 4 weeks). LivePM10 is the dust/particulate monitoring element of the LivEnviro platform – live to web noise, vibration, dust and weather all on a single website utilising site proven and certified sensors. There are hundreds of live LivEnviro sensors in the UK and beyond and new features are continuously being added to the system.

It can be hired on its own or, if you are already a LivEnviro user, it can be added to your existing user account.

Operation is very similar on the LivEnviro website. If you already use LiveLeq or LivePPV, LivePM10 will feel immediately familiar to you.

Based on TSI Environmental Dust Track

ANV hire LivePM10 dust monitors are based on the TSI Environmental Dust Track/DRX which has MCERTS for PM10 and PM2.5 up to 10,000 µgm-3. The TSI Environmental Dust Trak dust monitor is the near reference dust (particulate) PM10 monitor for LivEnviro/Live PM10. The light scattering photometer is contained in a lockable and tamper-resistant environmental enclosure which is well-suited to site use.

User settable alarms and e-mail alerts with up to 5 simultaneous limits, up to 24 x 1 hour periods in a day and different limits on different days if necessary.

Please click here to visit our LivEnviro website for more information on LivePM10.