Rion VM-56 Groundborne Vibration Meter

Features & Benefits

  • Tri-axial vibration meter for groundborne vibration simultaneous VDV, PPV, DF & Displacement
  • Equally suited to attended or long-term measurements or live to web monitoring with Live PPV
  • Third octave and wav file recording options available
  • BS 6472: 1, ISO 8041, DIN 45669, BS 5228: 2 and BS 7385: 2 compliant

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Product Details

The Rion VM-56 has been designed specifically for groundborne vibration. It has an intuitive user interface – just like the Rion NL-52. The VM-56 simultaneously measures VDV, PPV, Dominant Frequency and Displacement – storing them as CSV files to an SD card.

The VM-56 is equally suited to precision attended measurements, unattended long-term measurements or live to web monitoring with Live PPV/LivEnviro. With sufficient frequency range for groundborne noise (0.5 – 315 Hz) and third octave and wav file options available, the VM-56 is an ideal instrument for detailed investigation of ground and building vibration.

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