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LivEnviro web based monitors provide real-time web-based monitoring of Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a single secure website using certified and site proven sensors.

The four components of LivEnviro are: LiveLeq - Noise, LivePPV - Vibration, LivePM10 - Dust and LiveMET - Weather.

LivEnviro web based monitors are a true web-based system with Google Maps integration, offering full functionality (real time data, historic data and access to sensors) on any computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet and a web browser.

Controlled access to data can be given to stakeholders.

Users can set up to 24 sets of 5 simultaneous limits per sensor per day with different limits for each day of the week if required.

Data is stored on a dedicated Raid 10 Server and backup server in a UK data centre. A local copy of the data is also made at each of the sensors.

To download a brochure please click here - LivEnviro Brochure. Please click here to visit our LivEnviro website.

Why Choose ANV Measurement Systems

Established in 2001, ANV Measurement Systems offer the highest quality products backed by industry-leading customer support. Most of our easy to use and reliable products are available for both purchase and hire. We offer a full, rapid in-house calibration service for sound and vibration products from all major manufacturers (UKAS Laboratory Number 0653) and, in partnership with TSI, we offer a rapid calibration service for the TSI particulate monitors that we currently supply.

  • Sole UK Distributors for Rion Sound and Vibration Instruments
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Profound Vibra Series
    of construction vibration meters
  • Sole UK Distributors of the SIG Acoustic Camera
  • Gold Partners for TSI Environmental Dust Monitoring Solutions
  • Sole UK Distributors for the Q Sources range
    of dodecahedron speakers and amplifiers
  • Operate UKAS Laboratory 0653

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