Rion VM-63C Pocketable Vibration Meter

Features & Benefits

  • Small and light vibration meter with integral sensor (250g) – fits easily into pocket
  • Measures acceleration, velocity or displacement
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Really clear display well suited to production and quality control environment

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Product Details

Thousands of Rion VM-63 meters have been sold around the world because they are a perfect, conveniently pocketable, reliable vibration meters for testing product vibration levels as part of a quality control process.

The VM-63C slips into your pocket so you can carry it with you for spot checks. It measures acceleration (in two selectable frequency ranges) or velocity or displacement so you can choose the parameter which best suits a specific product and leave the meter in that mode.

All you have to do is put the sensor on the machine, press the ‘Meas’ button and you will see the measured vibration level within a couple of seconds.

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