Sources Line EOS Electromagnetic Tapping Machine

Features & Benefits

  • Fully compliant with Annex A of ISO 140-7:1998 and BS EN ISO 16283: 2: 2018
  • Accurate and low maintenance electromagnetic operation
  • Folding feet for small size – easy to carry around a test site
  • Robust, lightweight and portable
  • Flight case included
  • Battery and mains operation
  • RF remote control included

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Product Details

The Sources Line EOS Tapping Machine uses electromagnets to lift the hammers. A modern engineering alternative to the traditional motor and crankshaft design of other tapping machines.

This is Sources Line’s second electromagnetic tapping machine which offers improvements over the previous EM50 model which has given good service for some years.

Tests carried out in ANV’s UKAS Accredited Laboratory (Number 0653) confirm that the Sources Line EOS is fully compliant with Annex A of ISO 140-7:1998 and BS EN 16283: 2: 2018.

The EOS’s electromagnetic design offers almost frictionless performance resulting in very accurate drop speed and impact rates together with minimal wear for long life and virtually no maintenance.

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