Rion VT-06 Portable Viscotester

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient, portable and battery-powered viscosity meter
  • Direct and immediate display of viscosity in SI units
  • A range of rotors and sample container volumes available to suit different viscosity ranges
  • Extremely simple and practical way to determine consistent viscosity


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Product Details

The Rion VT-06 Viscotester provides a unique, objective and cost-effective means of directly measuring the viscosity of liquids/fluids. The viscosity of many substances is of crucial importance yet, up to now, measurement of this quantity has required indirect, complicated and/or expensive methods with large, fixed instrumentation.

Application areas include chemicals, paint, petrochemicals, adhesives and foodstuffs.

The VT-06 comprises a meter/display unit with a rotor connected to its underside. The rotor, which is powered by the meter/display unit, is submerged in the fluid to be tested and rotated.

Whilst the rotor is being rotated the display gives a direct digital readout of the viscosity of the fluid in decipascal seconds (the SI unit for Viscosity).

More details available on the dedicated Rion VT-06 website.


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