Half Price Kit Hire

Half price kit hire to Support Highways England CRTN Call for Measurements. Highways England will pay for suitably qualified professionals to carry out high quality road traffic noise measurements:-

  • Imminently (during the current lockdown conditions); and
  • Once road traffic conditions return to ‘normal’, assumed to be later in 2020.

See the Institute of Acoustics website for more details.

Highways England has commissioned AECOM and Arup to coordinate this project on its behalf.

You can contact HE_CRTN@aecom.com to obtain more technical and commercial project details.

Half Price Equipment from ANV

ANV Measurement Systems are keen to support this project by providing suitable measurement equipment for HALF PRICE (subject to availability).

Please contact hire@anv.uk.com if you would like to take advantage of the half price kit hire offer.