Profound Vibra+ Trade-In Deal

For some of our customers nothing can replace a Profound Vibra+ – except perhaps a new one.

Profound are offering a trade-in deal on older Vibra systems against the new Vibra+. If you’ve got a complete instrument with a geophone we will consider a trade-in. Even if it’s not a Profound System we’ll see what we can do.

Great for continuous monitoring

The Profound Vibra+ is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of vibration from construction and demolition site work. The integrated 4G modem enables it to be used remotely, either with Live PPV/LivEnviro or independently.

Easy to use and rugged, the Vibra+ uses geophones to directly measure PPV (peak particle velocity), dominant frequency, displacement and acceleration levels and the waveforms for up to 9 events per hour.

2 week battery life

The new Vibra+ internal lithium ion battery will provide more than 2 weeks of data logging and more than 10 days of remote operation with 5 minute uploads. There are many geophone mounting options (including geophone cone for subterranean deployment).

ANV can provide the Vibra+ in a weather protected case with gel-cell batteries which will run the unit for more than a month.

Contact us and let us know what you’ve got to trade in and we’ll see what we can do.

For more information on the Profound Vibra+ click here.