The Unassailable Advantages of the Rion NL-52 for Long-Term Noise Measurements

Perhaps because the Rion NL-52 has become an industry standard for long-term noise measurements it is easy to take the qualities that have made it so for granted.

Reliability of the Rion NL-52

The NL-52’s rock solid record for reliability is attributable to Rion’s approach to Quality. Quality of design, components, manufacturing processes and finally an incredibly rigorous test regime applied to every instrument before it leaves the factory.

Single 130 dB dynamic range

You don’t need to choose between the danger of LA90s being affected by under-ranging or overloads on your LAmax noise levels.

Power consumption

The NL-52 draws less than 1W. Achieving this with 130 dB range and a colour display is a technological challenge beyond the capabilities of Rion’s lesser competitors. You can power an NL-52 for weeks on inexpensive gel-cell batteries and even longer on larger lithium ion batteries.

Pre-Polarised Microphone

With simple relatively low-cost Outdoor Microphone Protection. No need for an additional all-weather microphone. Top manufacturers like Rion have been using precision pre-polarised mics for more than 20 years – it’s hard to believe some SLM manufacturers’ microphones still require a DC voltage to be applied with the inherent risk of short-circuit in damp conditions.

PTB Type-Tested

With and without outdoor microphone protection. Properly IEC 61672 Class 1.

Data stored as csv files

Onto memory cards requiring no special software to pull data into a spreadsheet.

Easy to Upgrade

Additional memory and really practical, useful options, such as third octave/octave analysis or really practical audio recording, can be added without returning the instrument to the manufacturer.

The Rion NL-52 is the industry standard for long-term unattended noise monitoring because it is uniquely suited to the task. And it’s versatile. The Rion NL-52 is equally suited to attended measurements or live-to-web measurements with ANV’s LivEnviro. LivEnviro provides real time web based monitoring of noise, vibration and dust on a single secure website using certified and site proven sensors.