LiveMET Lite Live-to-Web Weather Monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Live average windspeed and direction, precipitation, temperature, pressure and RH to a secure website via 4G or LAN connection
  • Intuitive and easy to use web Interface and Instrumentation
  • User Settable Alarms and e-mail alerts
  • Community Engagement – carefully controlled access can be given to third parties

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Product Details

LiveMet is the low cost weather element of the LivEnviro platform – live to web noise, vibration, dust and weather all on a single website utilising site proven and certified sensors.

There are hundreds of live LivEnviro sensors in the UK and beyond and new features are continuously being added to the system.

LiveMet is based on the Lufft WS 10 and it is available as an independent system or as an add-on to a LiveLeq (noise) or LivePM10 (dust) system.

Please click here to visit our LivEnviro website.

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